Thursday, April 29, 2004


Hi, this is Leticia reporting live from Leticialand. I have always wondered what makes a man great, except that this man could be a woman, about half the time. Um, is it that they cherish their friends or that they vanquish their enemies? I imagine that they'd have to keep a cherishing-to-vanquishing ratio with more cherishing than vanquishing to achieve progress, but then we could never achieve the equilibrium demonstrated by Conway's Life.

I read a book once that said that, in order to strike a balance between good and evil, good must always be winning; but never win. Good can not be good without bad to make it good. ("Because good is dumb!") So.... whenever I think of our constant political battle in America, bwtween the liberals (push forward!) and the conservatives (hold back!) I think about how we must have the conservatives in our lives, as they play a very necessary role of caution and critique to our society; but the liberals must always win, only by a smidgen.

So, I've decided to volunteer for the Democratic Party. Hopefully I can do something great for Poseidontown. Join the smidgen. There are friends waiting for you.


(And free drinks.)

Okay, this should start making sense right about now: Conway's Life is a classic computer toy in which you start with a set petri dish of pixels, and then push the button and watch 'em go. Pixels can mate and live and die and fluorish so as long as they are not overcrowded or too sparse; but after a while, their numbers always dwindle to the point where they reach equilibrium, no longer moving or multiplying. I suppose this means, as a race, we should try to push forward just a little bit at a time, so that we can be assured that we will neither stagnate nor rush ourselves.

...Er, I'm'a go to bed and have weird dreams. Nighty night.
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