Thursday, April 15, 2004

Yes, I know the Democrats all support the IMF and NAFTA and Let's Suck The Third World Dry of its Dough before it Croaks Initiative, but that's just another example of them being just slightly left of the right, for appearances. "Oh, and civil unions are a better idea than gay marriage, because civil unions are so much different and less meaningful." That's the Democrat way.

(Dean at least admitted, to the Advocate, that he only stops short of gay marriage for appearance's sake. Oh please, when Bush is trying to divide the election along gay marriage lines... everyone's going to assume we're the party of queers, so there's no point in not, you know, flaunting it.)

(I understand you're Democrats and you support welfare and universal healthcare and educational reform but... why do you have to be so open about it? Can't you just save it for the bedroom?)


Okay, I changed my mind. Maybe we shouldn't fight about gay marriage now, because perhaps Bush wants us to take the bait and argue about whether or not we should let gay people have happy, committed relationships rather than argue about why the economy is circling the drain while the President is off having adventures in unrelated countries and turning them into chaotic guerrilla war zones when this is supposed to be a state of emergency. Eh?

Let's get Kerry in office first...
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