Saturday, May 01, 2004

I got a real kick out of posing naked in the mirror cutely, with my butt sticking out as though I were waiting for somebody to spank it. So when I masturbated today (in the hottest girliest fashion I could possibly imagine) I tried to come to the thought of my darling imaginary boyfriend (now a bit stumpier, with spiky blonde hair and a creepy grin) licking sugar off of me. Then he turned me into a sugar cookie, complimenting how sweet I was and how much sweeter I was now that I was a cookie, while I nudged my best friend (also imaginary... sigh), who was also a cookie, giggling about the situation we are in as she is about to be eaten by her boyfriend as well. But! It didn't work... until... I turned HIM into a cookie!

I have turned the tables! I have eaten the MAN in my fantasy!!

That makes me happier than if they released a limited-edition Golden Sonic statue that squirted blue ice cream all day long.



All you girls should try the posing cutely in the mirror naked thing. I have a poster of Sonic in my room, from Sonic Advance, and no matter what I'm doing, he is always smirking and giving me the thumbs-up. So... If I push my hair up and stroll towards him sultrily while I shashay my hips, no matter how stupid and ugly I think I am, Sonic knows I'm the cream of the crop. Right Sonic? (giggle)

Oh, Sonic can just Spin Dash right into me and send all my body parts flying throughout the Green Hill Zone. I'll get him back. Mua ha ha!


I Capture the Castle (later: that is, the novel by Dodie Smith). I meant to E-mail this to Brielle, but she reads this site, so why not share it with you all? I would like to imagine that I am Cassandra, the protagonist, the Every-woman we're all supposed to identify with; but no, I am Topaz. Do you want me to prove it? She is the sullen step-mother who marries Cassandra's depressed, boring father in hopes of rekindling the genius that once rested within him when he was the acclaimed novelist who wrote Jacob Wrestling (which, by the way, is the best fake novel name EVER). She...

- is determined to bring out the best in everyone around her
- doesn't pay much attention to herself, resulting in her plummeting self-image and somewhat ghostlike demeanor

So, I have been sawed in half, while half of me has been claimed by Joss Whedon, and the other half by Dodie Smith. This should turn me on, but it does not. Why? Well... Actually, it DOES turn me on. I'm going to run off now. (prances off to her room...)


I get lots of E-mails from men. I'm okay with this, it comes with the territory; but I get lonely sometimes. In fact, just last night I had a dream I was with a group of girls, but we were all speaking a foreign language, one which I wasn't proficient enough in to keep up with them. Then we had a jam session and started playing music on various instruments, but my drumset was strewn across the floor and I could not possibly keep up a coherent rhythm to o along with what they were playing, what with my mismatched percussion intruments. So? The moral of the story is, LETICIA FAILS TO COMMUNICATE WITH HER GIRLY FRIENDS. This is the long, tragic story of my life. In fact, I will complain about it right now! Wah wah! (Don't worry, I'm fully aware that high school is almost over, and this nightmare will fade away like a bad sitcom. But while I have the opportunity, I'd like to whine...)

But really, I have learned something this week, and that's to stay confident in your identity and never doubt yourself. I am a perfectly wonderful, beautiful woman, and nobody can take that away from me! Hyaaaaaaahhh!!!

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