Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Last night after doing chemistry homework, I briefly imagined some amazingly sexy chemistry fantasy involving me as Leticiaonium. Uhh... I cannot quite reconstruct what a sexy chemistry fantasy would look like, except for one involving me at the front of the class, naked, feeling the cold wooden table against my butt, while the students pump purple stuff through a straw up my vagina, turning me big and purple and fatter and fatter until I explode in purple Leticia guts.


That's not sexy at all! I think my imagination's broke...

(later: okay, I was just lulling in bed, half-awake, thinking about how sexy it would be if I were merely an L on the Periodic Table. Yes, that turned me on. Yes, I had been doing way too much chemistry homework.)

(I wonder if I would dissolve in a flask of green goo--)

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