Thursday, May 13, 2004

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Well, you all deserve an explanation for why I've been gone. I might elaborate, I might not, but I'm through with sex blogging. At first I thought I could liberate people, and I hope that I have, but now I just feel like I'm being sexually dysfunctional and inviting other people into my sexual dysfunction, which is not a good thing to do at seventeen (or any age). I'm going back to the way it used to be; my sexuality is mine, contained within MY cunt, and nobody has access to it without my permission.

That isn't to say I haven't loved you all or all the responses I've gotten; you are a marvelous bunch. I just can't take the thought of feeling the need to spill my sexual guts all over the Internet twice a day, and that's absolutely what I feel with this blog, so I'm oughta here. Maybe I'll be back, maybe not. Emphasis on the not. This used to be fun.

If you want to E-mail me, you may do so. I may be back to talk about politics or something, but don't count on it. Here are some parting shots:

-- You may have noticed that I erased a portion of a post quite deliberately. The reason it was snipped was not because I disapproved of anything or anybody, but because I wanted to protect this person's privacy, even though I used a pseudonym for them. I just want to set the record straight on that.

--Used Dreamcast: $20-30. Used copy of Jet Grind Radio: $5. No excuse. None.

Bye bye.


After getting an E-mail from Fran, I'll elaborate...

1) I am not selling my Dreamcast. What I meant was that there is no excuse not to BUY a Dreamcast, as well as the bestest game ever made, because they are both piss-cheap. (If you must know, my Dreamcast just broke, so it's not like anybody would buy it even if I did sell it; but you besta believe I put down the money for a new one within days.)

2) He mentioned that he never really got into all my dildo fantasies and whatnot; you don't understand ("you" being anybody this applies to), that's what HURTS the most. The fact that not only do I feel like I have an obligation to turn y'all on, if I FAIL in turning y'all on, I have NO PURPOSE in life. I have FAILED in justifying my existance as a woman. This is immature and will take some cooling off to overcome, but there you go.

3) Yes, I am just blowing off steam. I probably will come back; I'm just having another Leticia Moment. Not blogging has made my brain about to explode in ways I cannot explain. So... just a little cool-down period. If I say I'm gonna leave, then I'll leave, but now, I still need my practice as a writer and some of you still seem to need your daily dose of Leticia. So I'm sure I'll be back soon.

So it makes me kind of sad to write this; I thought I was about to be free from the shackles of blogging. But having a place to write down my thoughts--and people to read them--has made me immesurably more mature, so I probably can't stop, I'll just get sad all the time and return to it and then re-remember how much fun it was (as I am now... [sigh]). So... I love you guys, see you around.

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