Sunday, May 09, 2004


Leticia readers will be happy to know that I am not, in fact,, the black sheep of the entire school. The popular girls, as it turns out, really like me. I just THOUGHT they hated me, because I'm liable to think everybody in the world is ignoring me because I'm just an immature twit. Hunh.

(that is, I am liable to think I am an immature twit, even though I am not. Do not worry.)

Today's topic is vaginas. How do you like yours? I like mine. It is soft and squishy and purring-ful. Everybody should love theirs. They're so cute and cuddly. Why else would men want their, um, apparatus in them so much? Because our genitals just rule. There's no way around that. They just do. They calm people and they produce babies and they make people happy. There you go.

I had a pretty prom dress. It was shiny and emerald and I wore high heels and I danced like an idiot.... and everybody else danced like an idiot, ESPECIALLY the popular girls, and I am going to call one of them so that we can hang out. Really. Hold on.


The one problem with prom was Leslie deciding to discuss the size of my vagina in the middle of prom, to a loud voice to anybody who happened to be passing by, but that's how it goes. Now I feel awful for EVER letting her see me in the all (I'm spe-shul!) but it ISN'T MY FAULT, I keep having to remind myself that my naked body is BEAUTIFUL, LOVELY AND LIFE-GIVING and that if it inspires SOMEBODY to be an asshole to me, even the person who I've yearned for the loving touch of since eighth grade, I take no responsibility. We're all naked under our clothes, anyway. (cries)

You know what? I am the most dysfunctional eleventh-grader ever. I'm going into my living room to play Sonic Mega Collection. Toodles.
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