Thursday, May 20, 2004

Public service announcement:

As I'm sure you are all aware, the Latin phrase "vice versa" is commonly used in colloquial English. So commonly used, in fact, that people have taken to calling it "vice-a versa," which absolutely makes my ears bleed. So, for the sake of my ears, please don't use a fancy word unless you know how to pronounce it.

(That, and do NOT amalgate two words that mean the same thing. "Guesstimate" is such a word. Whoever coined it needs to be shotblasted.)

(And then beatenhit over the head with a large sticklog.)

Yeah, I'm having a bad day. Oh, and remember to not split infinitives, and if I was a grammarian, I'd say to use the correct subjunctive mood.

(William Safire's "Fumblerules" is a book everybody should read so that they can speak English properly. William Safire is a world-class jerk but he can write about language.)
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