Thursday, May 20, 2004

TERA has posted something for us teenagers in its Articles section. Way to go, Adelle!

(I would be interested to know how many teenage readers my site has... I hope y'all find my site edifying. I may call myself a woman, but I'm really not that mature...)

...Now that you've all gone and seen her photos and article, I must say it filled me with mixed emotions... if I lived in that kind of community, I would be topless a lot of the time as well. But, you know, I'd have to talk it over with my family (never), I'd have to find a friend who would go with me (never), I'd have to find a place to do it that my family would approve of (never)...

Sad sad sad. At least I can take my clothes off in my room while listening to Jet Set Radio music...

(okay, the REAL reason that picture gave me mixed emotions is because it reminded me of my own affected exhuberance about that age. However, that is MY issue, not hers, so she does not take my blame. She is an inspiration as well as somebody for me to shake my fist at in a jealous rage.)

Oh and yay for Canada. Absolutely yay for Canada. It is cool in so many ways. I have no idea why the U.S. hasn't declared it Canadastan and alleged that it is stockpiling boobies of mass destruction.
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