Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Today I would like to talk about abortion again.

Now, my whole argument last time was based upon my statement that "sex is not a contract to carry a baby"... but then again, according to family law, sex IS a contract to raise a child; offering to, say, pay for an abortion being no excuse. So... maybe the man's right to refuse the mother's abortion IS a good idea, if only to even the scales. It's only fair.

That said, I'm glad you all were polite about this... I was expecting my mailbox to explode with "Insensitive bitch!" letters. Then again, women get called "insensitive bitch" a lot when doing good things... but I usually try not to take insults as compliments...

Okay! Now I want to talk about nudity again, because I don't talk about it enough in the real world, so I must compensate. Ummmm... f you've been browsing the Topfree Equal Rights Association's website, you've seen the naked photo section... [ 1 2 3 4 5 ] which is amazingly excellent. If you think you are too fat or too skinny or too small or too shy or too dainty or too manly or too WHATEVER, take a look at this page and amaze yourself with how humans are beautiful in so many different ways.... 'tis a shame most people stilll strive to be dolled-up stick figures.
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