Monday, May 24, 2004

Today's score:

1 person seen wearing a sweatshirt with zippers going diagonally through it, looking like rips, to show the cleavage and belly (one zipper went across her breasts, but she had it zipped).

1 person sitting behind Leticia in chemistry class, wearing a tube top and a great big frown. I wanted to say "Smile! You're wearing a tube top!" but that is profoundly tactless.

1 cute boy sitting next to Leticia on the bus, mid-20's, listening to music while bobbing his head and drawing giant robots. Awww.

1 forty-year-old woman wearing a "Support the Troops" T-shirt with the collar cut into a V-neck with scissors. Surreal.

(For the record; I support the troops, not the war.)

1 sick Leticia McKenzie, going through tissues like Bush scandals. 1 Leticia wishing she hadn’t posted that thing about masturbation, but oh well, she can’t take it down.

1 half-naked 15-year-old walking down the street and smiling. 1 Leticia McKenzie turning her head and blushing. 1 guardian angel asking if that was inappropriate, given that such a reaction is probably. what she wants to justify her exhibitionism. 1 Leticia McKenzie telling 1 guardian angel that neither are one to talk.

73 individual women passed, all trying to be mostly naked through their clothing; 1 nudist named Leticia being the only woman dressed modestly in all of Poseidontown; 0 middle ground.


I bet there’s a story in this.
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