Thursday, June 03, 2004

Amnesty International says that human rights are at fifty-year low, thanks to groups such as al-Qaeda and the United States of America. You heard that right: al-Qaeda and the US in the same breath. Ohhhh shit.

Oh, and here's what Amnesty has to say about Israel: "Amnesty also rounded on the Israeli forces who had killed more than 600 Palestinians last year, including 100 children." Yes, the killing of Palestinians is a statistic. UN, it's time to rein this country in.

(It's also time to stop feeling false sympathy for Israel. Yes, the formation of Israel was historic and the abuses suffered by the Jews were horrific. This, however, should not give them a free pass to pass their abuse on to others.)

(Of course, this does not exculpate the Palestinians; the difference is that the violence committed by Palestinians has been by terrorists, the violence committed by Israel against Palestine has been state-sanctioned.)

(Neither, of course, is better, but terrrorists can be dealt with using police action, whereas rogue states need to be dealt with by cutting off diplomatic assistance. Let's establish a Palestinian state that can prosecute the Palestinian terrorists.)

(And, just in case I haven't made this clear before, don't pick up a gun to fight Israel. You try and take an AK-47 against the most well-funded nation in the Middle East and you'll be dead before you can say "I can die with--URK!" Violence is futile and only gives Sharon an excuse to slaughter another picnic full of Palestinians.)

(Not a good excuse, mind you, but one that seems to pass in the eyes of the US officials that keep sending him his endless pipeline of money in hopes that he can conquer the Promised Land so that the Religious Right can ascend to Heaven.)
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