Saturday, June 26, 2004

Good God I'm lonely today. I just sat around my house and moped, and then I went to the library and moped, and then I came back here and moped. Gross.

While lulling in bed, as I am wont to do on Saturday morning, I thought of the boyfriend I would want to wake me up. Here he is:

He looks sort of like Yami Bakura, from Yu-Gi-Oh!, whose name you shall note sounds something like "yummy Bakura," which is indeed very accurate. (For a second there I imagined dark Yugi imprisoned in my stomach and I giggled.) He would walk into my room, uninvited, naked, before leaping at me and then landing at my side. I'd ask him to take my pajamas off and the would rip them from me with vigor, but I would make him stop at my panties in order to come up with something creative.

First I told him to pay a toll, but making him give me money to get at my vagina wasn't working so I told him if he wanted to get into my netherworld he would have to turn me on enough to make me drop them myself. So he growls and bites my nipple and licks the side of my body and I laugh uncontrollaby and then I assume I yank my panties off but the fantasy ended right about there when I fell off the bed and crawled hopelessly towards my door in hopes of starting my day.

Oh, well...

Failing that, I would like him to make me into a popsicle, and then lick me until I dissappear. A cherry one, for the symbolism. Popsicles symbolize innocence, don't they? I would like to be innocent and inatimate. I am a fluffy bunny slaughtered for her meat.


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