Thursday, June 24, 2004

I'm sure you'll all be thrilled to know that yesterday I gots myself a copy of Mega Man: Anniversary Collection. Yahoo! So far, it's lots of fun. I never got to play Mega Man as a kid (hey, I was like, two years old!), and I felt a yearning for a simplistic game that would last me a good long time, and so the ten-game Mega Man retro-pack seemed like the way to go.

For me, after a while, Viewtiful Joe started giving me a headache because it's just so visually noisy. But also... most of the games I play these days take about ten or fifteen hours, or they offer very little gratification per hour. (Not that RPG's aren't fun... if you have the time to spend five hours per session fighting the same enemies over and over again in hopes of getting morsels of plot that are the same as the RPG you played last year.) My dad, however, was pretty shocked that I would be playing an NES game...

He thinks my games (and, by extension, me) are so sophisticated, what with their fancy graphics and long, deep storylines, and wondered why I would be meddling with the likes of a common NES game. Well... it's still gameplay that counts. Sorry.
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