Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Spam Spam Spam Spam!

Okay, after the ten thousandth E-mail inquiring about my penis size (I think it's negative), I am ready to throw in the towel with Yahoo! Mail. Actually, the tipping point was getting E-mails telling me that messages SENT FROM MY ACCOUNT were being blocked by other servers because they were obviously spam, meaning that somebody's using my account to route spam. Not good. Can anybody tell me what to do about this?

Anyway, being that I have a Blogger account I have signed up for Gmail. Simply replace "yahoo.com" with "gmail.com" if you want to reach me from now on. If I cannot find a way to stop the spam being sent through my account at Yahoo I will most likely let it idle and be shut down, for the good of the world. This time I will do things right; I will not post my full E-mail address on this website, I'll just do something clever and let you figure it out.

Oh and, here's a new rule with E-mail: don't send attachments. If you want to show me a picture, you may send me a link to its location on the Internet, but if I see an attachment I'm likely to assume it's a virus. In general, when you're the author of a weblog you get jittery about these things.

Thank you very much! And, to those unfortunate people who clicked on my Gontermania link... I am very, very sorry.
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