Thursday, June 03, 2004

There is no way in hell I am going to be able to write today, so let's be brief:

I really, really miss blogging about sex. No, really. Whoah! Did you just notice that? The clouds of self-consciousness that have been hanging around me just... faded. I AM ADDICTED TO THIS PRACTICE. This is not so good, so I probably shouldn't tell you about being boiled in a pot or some nonsense.

So! I suppose I'll talk about politics today. Yes that's right. Um, so, how about that, you know, war? The one that's going south in a hurry? Yeah, thought so too. Nice weather, huh? ...

Okay, so what I really wanted to describe to you was (here we go...) being a beauitful housewife and sweeping my kitchen when suddenly... I notice something is wrong with the mechanical trash can, and so I daintily put my hand over my mouth and lean inside to see what's wrong and SNAP! the trash can closes its mechanical jaws on me, and I struggle to break free as the trash can eats me up.




Brielle once asked me what makes me tick. This, I hate to say it, makes me tick.

I am going to go to my room and cry now.
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