Monday, June 07, 2004

Well, my head hurts like a mofo again, so I don't feel like writing anything. I'm in one of my moods where I keep thinking too much, and I can't look at something or think about something without analyzing it ten different ways. I would like to know other people with this condition. It helps when I'm taking a test, but hoo boy, if I have to take six buses in one day (as I did today), it leads to spacing-out of horrendous proportions. I'd like one of those Fahrenheit 451 mind-numbers, thank you very much.


(No, what I should do is READ A FUCKING BOOK, but I'm afraid of, you know, reading things early in the day. Kind of fucks up my writing. So, what do I do? I psychoanalyze every gameplay dynamic in level three of Sonic Heroes, before reliving the greatest moments of the Clinton Wars all from the comfort of my head slumped over my backpack like a depressed, stone mother hen. Uh, with her backpack. Or, her babies that is. Her babies.)

(You know, I once saw a mother hen at the zoo and it reminds me of the complex hydroponic fluorescents that fluctuate erratically at the starboard--) (BAM!--Suzy hits Leticia over the head with a log)
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