Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Aggghh! I've been doing homework all day. History and math.

I like math, but lately it's been very hard to pay attention in class. I keep nearly falling asleep. Whenever the instructor turns around, I take the opportunity to rest my eyes. Back in high school, I could draw fairies and shirk my attention-paying responsibilities (once I fell asleep--don't tell anybody), but now I've entered the Big and Scary Adult World, and that is no longer possible. I also need to learn to stop slouching. Stop slouching, Leticia.

There's a girl in my math class (girl in my math class--you can stop reading here) who wears a pink hoody with kitten ears. She's very adorable and I do think we are comrades in the fight for female sexual liberation, but of course, I cannot exactly walk up to her and say, "Hey! I think we're comrades! Let's head down to the Ice Cream Emporium and talk about how silly boys are." At least, not without a poofy, ruffly dress and the ability to turn my eyelids upside-down all happy-like.

No, lately I've been miserable. Too much homework. I will, I swear, find time to make some friends. Right now I'm making fast friends with Polly Nomial. She's a confusing felow, but has so many interesting attributes to her personality (but her friends call her "square;" har har!).
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