Thursday, July 08, 2004

Hello, gentle readers! Today I went over to Dante's to relieve him of his copy of Sonic Mega Collection (all the old Sonic games... AGAIN! Did you know there are five different versions of Sonic 1 on five different systems, with a sixth on the way?), and since I was all giddy over Ken Lay being sent to his executive slammer, I expected to something all happy and girly-like, like a peck on the cheek as he handed over my retro Sonic compilation. Instead...


I felt NOTHING towards Dante.

Holy crap.

You know... I don't like that. I like to be fanatical over SOMETHING besides the really cute teller who handed me the money that I bought Sonic from Dante with. If I can yearn for Dante's assuredly adorable behind, at least I can live for SOMETHING, right?

But no, I am free now. FREE! I shall meet another boy. And that other boy shall be the cute teller, who is (I'm sure) reading this, and needs to meet me at my house, which is directly beneath the Leticia Signal that is now in the air. Ka-pow! To the Leticia-cave! (And wear some short tights and slide down a pole, if you would.)

That's all for tonight. I have math homework to do. And, if you are currently developing a videogame, do NOT, repeat NOT give it a free-roaming environment. Ripping off GTA is not innovation. I hear Spider-Man 2 does it well, but for the rest of y'all... no free-roaming environments, career modes, cel-shading, or Full Reactive Eyes Environments unless you REALLY, REALLY need them. Pac-Man didn't need them, neither do you. Nleagh.

(Pac-Man is also over twenty years old, but you know... it's still fun. And model. Model.)
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