Friday, July 16, 2004

Hey! Just so you know, I did talk to that girl in math class, and she is very nice; I didn't even need to sound desperate (I think weeeeee're... comrades!) in order to make a friend. Tres excellent. People are nicer than I thought. I'm so paranoid all the time...

Today I will see Spider-Man 2. I enjoyed the first movie, and yet, it was one of those movies where there's so much money riding on it that it has to be good; but never great. It also had the Standard Big-Budget Movie Problem of having every line sound like it was revised thirty thousand times, until all the dialogue sounds contrived and distilled into its most basic parts.

I get to see the lovely drugged-out woman again today, I hope. That will be interesting. She probably still likes me... I hope... I just don't know how to act around her... wah!

Somebody told me I ought to call her. One problem: she has no number. Other problem leading to the first one: she has no home. Hence, the drugs. She says she has a friend's house to stay at right now, but for the time being, she's on the streets. You know, I'd like to invite her to stay at my house, but realistically... I don't want my stuff taken. No matter how much she likes me, drug addiction is strong, and I'm afraid she'd steal something precious to me... which is really embarrassing because I'm putting my possessions before her. I...
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