Thursday, July 08, 2004

Hey! Look at this! The whole WMD thing was all the CIA's fault! Wait, I thought it was the CIA's fault for not realizing there were WMD. Or maybe it's their fault for not believing it hard enough, so no WMD appeared when our tanks rolled in. After all, we know where they are... Tikrid and Baghdad... north, east, oh it's too painful.

The story keeps changing and I'm all out of blue pills. I'm lost in wingnut-land. Just remember, four legs good, two legs bad...

(for the record, the CIA was the organization that knew that the evidence for WMD was dubious at best. Dick Cheney was so displeased with this that he set up his own intelligence unit that would bypass the CIA. Fat lot of good that did you, huh? Thousands dead and a war we can't get ourselves out of. Yep, liberators, all right...)
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