Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Hi! I'm sorry that things have been a bit empty in the House of Leticia as of late. I've been very busy with homework. Do not fear, soon I will have my papers in and I can do important things again.

In other news, Sephiroth encouraged me to "walk around topless sometime." Dear, you have no idea...

(didn't he say he was gay? I'm starting to wonder about that kid...)


..By the way, I fiddled with his chain wallet as a means of expressing affection. His chain wallet. Strange. I wonder if one might get any sensual pleasure out of that. I suppose it is attached to you... and comes out of your midsection... and represents masculine power.... and could concievably be stroked in a girly and adorable fashion....

And yet, it is cold and lifeless. Nothing like its parallel that I hope I have made painfully obvious.

Let me think... I've spoken many a time on the subject of the female body, but not on the penis. How do I feel about the penis? Well... I find it kind of amusing, almost as though men cannot contain all their masculinity so it sort of slips downward into their safekeeping pouch, where they can use it to pleasure women and have pissing contests. (...) It is.... kind of creepy, in that it's like the one body part that doesn't seem to have any compositional value, other than as kind of a center point for the rest of the anatomy to revolve around. And... it's ability to, um, transform is actually kind of beautiful. Like those chronically overused time-lapse photos of flowers blooming, it's like... the physical expression of eroticism. It's the chemical reaction to a man being aroused, so it... makes me happy.

A lot of feminist authors write about phallic symbolism... and they're onto something, as "gladiator" literally means penetrator and men have always have had aggressive social classes and women have always been relegated to kitchen duty. Well, I say... attack the problem, not the person, or the penis, for that matter, because it isn't, you know, it's fault! it's just hanging there, innocently, because every guy has one, and every guy is entitled to the responsibility of one. A penis has a lot of power right there... it can make babies, it can please women, it can hurt women, it can allure women, it can be (unfortunately) the focus of a relationship.... so much symbolism right there, and sometimes I feel sorry for the boys for having to carry all that emotional baggage between their legs. Oh well... all you tough men can handle it, right?

The reason I'm babbling on the subject is because I've been recently thinking about the penis, Sephiroth's, in particular, and I realized that I've never given them all that much thought before. They're... _there._ Only recently have I realized.... they're actually quite beautiful, with all that masculine stature and snakelike allure... the way it winds down between the testicles, like something out of Gothic arcitecture. Just think, all the secrets to life are held right in there, and someday, I just... might... get my tongue on one...

And that scares me. Where did all this come from? Wait, don't I like girls? Well, I thought I did, until now...



(By the way... if Sephiroth says one more time that he is no good with vaginas, then I am sending out a personal vagina trainer, paying her expenses, and not quitting until he is the best vagina maestro in all of Poseidontown. And then.... he'll have nowhere to run. Bwa ha ha!)

(He's said before that I'm very pretty, and he's very affectionate toward his gal pals... yet I am beyond his reach, since he really does want to be with a man. See? He's like me, only male. Crikey.)

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