Friday, July 16, 2004

I saw Spider-Man 2! It's the bestest movie in the whole wide world. I laughed and I cried.
What I meant by the first Spider-Man seeming somewhat contrived is that in order to fit all that material in that one movie, they had to make it so concise that it was almost painful; I didn't get to see as much of the characters acting normal as I wanted. Don't worry though--this movie starts with a hilarious look at a day in the life of Spidey, and the characters are in full force from then on, with all the introductions out of the way.
I'm at the community center (don't tell anybody!) and it turns out that
a) The Girl, who shall henceforth be referred to as Cheryl, is NOT HERE! But do not fear, fair denizens of Leticialand, you're still going to get your daily dose of delicious drama from the demented damsel of doom (me): it turns out, according to her friend that
Take a deep breath...
Not good enough...
Now stretch...
(and for those at you at home who can't stretch that high, just do it at chest level)
Fucker. Do you have any IDEA what you've done to me? You gave me a headache all fucking weekend! Of COURSE I like you! Now, let's run off to Alaska on the condition that you pose on a giant salad platter for me.
(Somebody named McKenzie is in the Spider-Man credits, so upon seeing the name I raised my fist in solidarity. Go McKenzies! First, Spider-Man, tomorrow, the world!)

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