Sunday, July 25, 2004

It isn't that I have a thing for druggies, it's that druggies hang around me, which I have absolutely no problem with. I've noticed for a long time that unpopular people like to hang around me, because they think I'm the real deal. That's a big honor for me, because with my natural charm (hough hough hough! No, let me be arrogant, this is my chance to shine), I can always curry favor with the popular people; but then it all just feels so fake. People who are downtrodden--particularly those who haven't let it gone to their heads--tend to be a lot more upfront about things. People who've lost everything, or felt like it, are much more likely to value what they have. And if I can be their inside woman in the realm of the Popular People, I'm glad to do it.

If I could do anything in the world right now, I'd like to kiss Bruce and make all those boils go away and all the effects of the drugs on his body to reverse themselves, and to give him a bright new liver. But I can't, but at least I can be his friend. And yes, I'm being high-and-mighty; but it's not that hard, you can do it too.

The problem is that we don't understand why people turn to drugs. I'm seventeen and have never had a whiff of the happy sauce (and dear Lordy I'm glad; more a matter of luck than perseverence, and one of the few reasons I'm glad I grew up in Hicksburg) , but when I friends turn to drugs it's always for the same reasons; they feel hopeless and detached from the world. Everyone feels hopeless and detached from the world from time to time; either we hide it and become accountants toiling away at Path-E-Tech or we express it by going downtown to buy some special stuff. The problem is, neither extreme works. It's only a matter of communication to get these feelings expressed, and the people who turn to drugs are the ones who feel that they don't get that communication.

So.... communicate! Let your voice be heard. There's room for everybody in this big ol' Internet of ours. Come one! Come all! Let the voices of the people rise up and reclaim the means of disseminating information from The Man up in his big skyscraper eating donuts every afternoon at three and wondering why nobody loves him. Let's return each and every human being to his or her proper place as equals in our great big global brain (and if you think Leticia's off her rocker on the global brain thing, substitute Dr. King's "table of brotherhood," or that one Hindu concept of our spirits starting and ending from the same great amorphous mass and I always thought that was really cool and they kind of stole it for Transformers, which I also thought was pretty neat). Because _nobody,_ and I mean _nobody_ will do drugs if they get to have their proper place in humanity. Nobody.

...Unless they're really silly, but that just can't be helped. Later!

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