Wednesday, July 14, 2004

There was a woman in my math class with beautiful, fiery hair. She smiled at me warmly as she passed me the attendance sheet. I kept looking at her beads, her toe ring, her sarong... I'm positive she'd be my friend! But this time, I was serious. I was going to be assertive. Yes, it would be stupid to imply that a smile in mid-attendance-sheet-passing was an invintation to friendship, but I was desperate so it didn't matter. My charm would get me by. I can't go another week at this college without any friends, anyway.
She starts to leave. I hurry, pack up my stuff, and run outside all passionate and girly-like, waiting to invoke her friendship upon feeling a new wave of honesty surging through me.
And she's not there.
I run around for a bit. I must look silly. But she's just gone. She's a ninja. For once in my life I decide to do something bold (I mean, really bold, not like writing about yourself on the Internet) and the other party escapes into the night. Curses!
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