Saturday, July 03, 2004

What do I really care about?

Brielle told me that it doesn't matter what I write about, so as long as I care about it. So... what do I care about?

- I care about sunshine and love and all sorts of happy stuff, because I like being saccharin-sweet like that.

- I care about darkness and brooding and sadness, because I find myself there fairly often, especially by way of moping in my room on a Thursday evening.

- I care about writing, because now that I've been writing a lot my life finally feels like it has some purpose besideds cheering up my friends when they're down (incidentally, I'm very good at it; FedEx yourself to Poseidontown if you're ever in the dumps).

- I care about my drawing, because if I can think it, I can draw it, and I do a good lot of thinking

- I care about my videogames, because they give me something to do when I'm really, really bored

- I care about my friends, for without them, I would be merely a Leticia falling in the forest with nobody around to hear me. (Also, having friends allows me to participate in the universe as a whole, where I will return to when I die.)

- I care about my blog, because no matter how much it creeps me out, it's beautiful to have people know and care what I think about

- I care about my thoughts, because without them, I couldn't run

- I care about the world, since we have it on loan from God

- I care about God since he has one wacky sense of humor

- I care about my family, since they're all a little bit like me and that creeps me out to no end; but it's my best way to learn about myself, and they're a group of people that I've gotten very close to no matter how many times they complain about what I wear

- I care about that little flower that's growing outside, since every tiny organism is its own flourishing ecosystem on a smaller scale, and we betray our own existence when we destroy them

- I care about life, since it was a one-in-ten-thousand-billion-kajillion chance of occuring, and you should never underestimate the power of primordial soup

- I care about that there monolith that made us really smart, because it gave us the ability to produce bombs and clearcuts and a ruined lower class.... okay, I take that back. Those monoliths shoulda kept to themselves.

- Actually, I do care about human sentience, because it'll allow us to move on in the universe. I have a deep suspicion that we're merely a dry-run of the whole carbon unit thing, so we better do a good job of it and not blow ourselves up.

- I care about my friends, because they're all really pretty.

- I care about you, since we're pretty much the same person with a few tiny differences (we all share 98% of our genetic data with monkeys, do the math) so it would be a betrayal of myself not to treat you as such

- I care about the world, since we're all just neurons in one big global brain, and I'm going to be the best neuron I can possibly be.

Bye bye.
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