Monday, August 02, 2004

Bad news, y'all.

I'm in love. Well, I think I am. It's that feeling where you don't like somebody on a personal level, but on a deeper level, something on a stomach level, you think about him until your head hurts on the bus, and your stomach is in one thousand knots and you go home, crash as soon as you get there because it's too hard to think about your math homework, and then you dream that you are trying to solve a math equation except you are convinced that you cannot solve for a variable unless you know whether or not you are in love with this man.

You meaning me, this is all true. Dead serious.

This is bad. I thought I was a stronger woman than this. Oh, well. I suppose I'm going to have to deal with it creatively, such as bashing his head in next time I see him for compromising my stomach's integrity. In the meantime, I'm going to wish I were in love with that guy from the community center instead, because he has the sideburns and the tallness and the guitar-playing ability, and all this guy has is... contagious friendliness and a tendency to creep me way the hell out. Before, that is, I go home on the bus, and realize... you know... my heart does yearn for him, even if my brain would rather die...

So, I don't like it, so I'm going to pretend I'm not in love for the next several days. Care to join me? We'll do lots of Not In Love things, like watching cheesy action movies and moping in our respective rooms, alone. Bring chips, and maybe some Cheez-Wiz. I know, I'm vegan, but I'll just have the Cheez-Wiz around as a prop to remind myself that I'm not in love. And a lava lamp. That sounds very not in love. And some Sonic games, some decisively unromantic ones like... Sonic Spinball. Good. I feel less in love already. I'm sure you'll all come over to help, right? We'll play stupid girly games just to make sure we're not in love.


Oh She Who Is Not In Love

(You know... I would like to be in love with somebody who can play the guitar, and has long blonde hair that flows in the wind and I can lay down in his lap while he sings me to sleep, late at night, in the park, with the cool breeze fluttering my beautiful white slip, which for some reason I am wearing in the park, at night. Unfortunately, he will subsequently turn out to be gay. You win some, you lose some. Yeah, I'm trying to look for some enlightening I Capture the Castle moral in this, when I'm not busy denying that this whole thing ever happened.)
Chips! What an excellent plan. However, this may very well be a temporary infatuation. Don't dwell too much on it, except to daydream about the life you two will have together and the beautiful children you will raise. And what is it about tall, guitar-playing guys that makes us swoon?

I've always found chick flicks to be a successful get-outta-the-crushing'-loving-feeling remedy. They give you that warm mushy feeling afterwards and you forget about that particular person for a while. But watching too much of those gives you unrealistic expectations and they lose their flavor and novelty after a while.
If I come over, I'm bringing a Samba mat.
And a poster of Ulala.
Question: How do you like a guy like a crush but not personally? Is he a jerk, or do you just not know him that well?
No, he's not a jerk. He's just creepy in a romantic comedy sense. Do you know what I mean?

(He's actually the nicest guy in the class...)
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