Sunday, August 22, 2004

Hi hi! Hmmm...

Not much to write about today. Speaking of O'Reilly... I saw his debate with Al Franken and Molly Ivins, finally (you can see it here; it's over a year old though, so it's not exactly breaking news). Poor O'Reilly... I kinda feel sorry for him. He lives in a completely alternate universe of his own making, and he can talk about how he doesn't call names and how he elevates the discourse and then five minutes later be yelling "shut up," "this is way over your head...." On his show he calls people "loons" as if that discredits them from speaking.

Moreover, though, he loves to talk about himself and how methodical and free-thinking is... if he isn't an example of the horrors of newsmedia, I don't know what is. I love to speak and I sometimes dream of being in politics, but I do dread planning every line and speech so that I do not make the Dreaded Gaffe (gaffes, as we all know, are more important than positions; Gore talking about James Lee Witt and Dean saying "yarrrggh" seemed to dominate the press more than they should have...)... and every figure in public life that I've seen indeed live by the stage-managed talking points and the carefully considered one-liners, EXCEPT for O'Reilly who seems to be driven completely mad. Molly Ivins remained calm throughout the entire debate (if it had been just an O'Reilly/Ivins debate, Bill woulda handed himself his own ass on his own platter) while furiously writing things down, and you could tell that she had gotten the language of news down so well that she could handle the stress and expectations of public speaking with candor and taste. Bill, however, just seems to lose it, and that's why I feel sorry for him. He's been in this business since forever and it's just driven him crazy, and it seems like it's going to be along time before he is going to be able to reconcile with himself on how much he hates it.

Bush seems the same way... He's probably waiting until his four years end and he gets to go back to his drunken frat parties. I doubt he's really thinking about any of these issues... he has an army of aides and spokesman who will be happy to muddle the issue beyond recognition for the press. Poor guy, I kind of feel sorry for him too. It's like his connections got him straight from failing oil companies to the White House, and he has no flippin' idea what to do with it.

Back to the debate: Franken was hilarious, of course... he was just a bad match-up for O'Reilly, since we already have one showman and he would have been more properly beaten by somebody like Molly Ivins, who both tells it like it is AND knows not to take the bait (to combine two clichés into one unstoppable cliché force).
>the Dreaded GaffeGaffes live in Africa. Everyone knows that.
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