Sunday, August 29, 2004

Hi! Ummm... I haven't been around lately because I'm just bored. I don't feel strongly about anything. I'm just floating arounnd in the Post-Final-Zone. I know that's a weak excuse, but, well...

My brother got this thing called Red vs. Blue. It's funny. It's kind of stupid. Slightly recommended.

I haven't been out of the house for a few days. What is there to do? I could take a walk, I suppose... okay... I'll take a walk... goodbye...

(I've also been playing too much Advance Wars; and those of you familiar with video games know that if you play one particular game too much, you start to see its machinations as you close your eyes. Yes, it's happened. Fuckin' creepy.)

Also, I've been reading The Great Unraveling, by Paul Krugman. Much fun. Krugman can explain everything in purely monitary terms, which is nice, because he's recognized that the world really does run on money and not on family values and baby-kissing. Also, he can show unequivocally that Bush's policies are bad for the nation, without himself getting worked up about it. He also delightfully compares Bush's friends to the revolutionaries in the French Revolution; a revolutionary power considers the current form of government (with international law and taxes on capital gains) to be invalid, and will stop at nothing to overthrow it. Also, he says you should not fear being called an "alarmist," because so far, Bush has proven the alarmists right every time.

I don't know all that much about economics, but being somebody who likes to think of everything in terms of numbers and symbols, it is excellent. While I was reading this book at the library, I came across my good friend Michelle, who writes slam poetry and is something of a Poseidontown celebrity. She seemed happy to see me and told me, morosely, that she was studying poetry and when I told her I was reading a book "about why the economy is in the crapper" (that was my best attempt at summarizing the book), she said "that's a good thing to read about..." I got home and wrote some morose diary entry about how I wish I could have her throw me, straight up, into her world of screams and shattered glass and fluffy clouds and stanzas and metaphors and coffee shops, to be able to see something through Michelle-colored glasses just for once... but oh well, I'm stuck with Leticia-colored glasses for now, I might as well make the best of them.

Although, there is something to be said for, you know, expanding the range of your glasses...

Okay I'm done. Bye!
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