Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I didn't think about it much today. I don't like being in love... if I am, anyway. Yesterday I couldn't go to sleep, so I had to play Advance Wars for a while... which didn't help, so I read Great Teacher Onizuka vol. 1. Ha! That comic book is very excellent. Since I've read so many manga series lately, I will run them down for you:

Marmalade Boy: Delightful romantic comedy. Wonderful nightstand stuff. Writer is experienced and full of heart.
Pita-ten: Silly and deranged (good), but sort of drags on. Hmmm...
Confidential Confessions: This is the stuff. Good to read when you're sad. I restate that every teenager who reads this blog needs to read vol. 1.
Naruto: Amusing, but I've only read vol. 1...
Yu-Gi-Oh!: Amazing. The perfect blend of fantasy and reality create the ultimate power fantasy for us shy people. If Dark Yugi were here right now, I'd tell him to say "let's play a game" and then rip my clothes off.
Great Teacher Onizuka: A little trip through everything that is horrible and everything that is wonderful about us human beings. I've only read vol. 1, but even so... it's the kind of book that will disgust you and yet you can't put it down. The main character is a sleazeball, but he's a _lovable_ sleazeball... and you get the idea that life is about to give him the ass-kicking he so richly deserves. Great stuff.

(One of the things I like the most about GTO vol. 1 is how upfront it is about sexuality... it's everything you hate about the human condition from the inside out. No holding back. It's something our culture--and the Japanese, too, I imagine--have needed for a hundred years.)

..Now I'll go read some more comic books and find assorted things to entertain myself with. Later!
And Confidential Confessions Vol 1 being great has nothing to do with the beautiful, friendly and insightful guitar player featured in the second story?

But yeah thanks for recommending it earlier, it's amazing.
Oh, man, I have the most gigantic secret crush on Dark Yugi. I've only seen the cartoon, but when his voice changes? Oh, man. I want a Yugi all of my own.
heehee. From being obsessed by love to being obsessed by comic books. I like it :D

Long time reader, occasional e-mailer, first time commenty person. Keep it up hun, you rule :D
that reminds me, you should check out "Top 10"
very funny satire on spandex etc.
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