Monday, August 09, 2004

It's only with girls that I get that tingly feeling where I think I'm in love. So it happened today, when I was at the library and saw the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen. She wore a green dress and pushed a stroller with two babies and her hair just seemed to swirl onward into the vast recesses of the universe and her face... she had walked straight out of a fairy manga. Dear lordy I wanted her. Not in my bed, just... at the center of my universe. I wanted to become her. I wanted to BE her.

This added another confusing piece to the who I like puzzle, as I only (usually) come to thinking about men. Oh, dear...

Hey, wait... on second thought, this works out quite well. If I am a woman, and I like myself, and I date a man, then I have the liking men covered and the liking women covered. Hmm... this could work out. Perhaps a relationship with myself wouldn't be so bad if it were a threesome involving myself, myself and somebody else. Granted, this somebody else would have to get along with both of me, but... that's just an extra way to screen my boyfriends. Are you up to it?

Then there's the girl from math class, discussed before, but henceforth shall be called... Rachel. She dresses so well that you just want to peel of each layer of her until you get to the center. She's... not just a person, she's a _presentation._ She's like a nice big burrito. I'll have to remember that.

(Leticia writes down, "dress like a nice big burrito")

Or... maybe not. Maybe I ought not to compare women I find attractive with burritos. Speaking of which... the hottest woman I ever saw was in my art class looked like a construction worker (or a female Super Mario... or maybe the personification of a gyro sandwich) and good God, I wanted to be the burrito she was ripping apart with her teeth. What is it with me and the human/food thing? Will I, by any chance, wake up tomorrow to find myself turned into a gyro sandwich? Will the slices of meat consist of every boy I've ever respected? Will I excrete sour cream upon this realization? Has this blog post gone way too far? Stay tuned!

That's fantastic. Good luck on finals too!
Pretty girls and slices of lunch meat? I was wondering why this so struck a chord... tapping my fingers and scratching my head then suddenly realised. Snap!
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