Thursday, September 30, 2004

Blecchhh!! Well, I've almost made it through my first week of college. I don't like it! So many expectations! How will I ever finish all my homework?! (By the way, as a high school student, my homework load is pretty modest... but still! Going to university to finish high school puts a lot of pressure on me.)

I feel like I'm just shivereing in a corner somewhere, and from that corner I'm projecting myself physically, and at some point, my physical apparition is going to have to drag myself out of that corner and back into wherever I am.

So! Guess what I did?! Well... you won't get this, but I imagined Dr. Eggman turning me into one of his robots. Isn't that sick?! Well, that's what he does... and I giggled and pleaded for mercy at the same time. You know, I should never let myself think like this. But... it's... so... good...

I need to lighten up. I've been so gloomy in the past week... I've been sick, I can't sleep...
It's the time of year...I swear I've been in a fog since the start of September. It passes. It always does.
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