Friday, September 24, 2004

Hello! I just finished reading Brave New World. Very interesting... in the future, humans shall be raised like Chia pets and everybody will be happy, and there will be no reason to be sad, or angry, or have any emotions at all.

It was a very moving book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it... (select to read the rest) but it ends way too soon. It has the feel of the first two acts of a three-act play, which is probably why he wrote Brave New World Revisited, which I am proceeding to read.

Gee, I'm bored. School starts up again very soon, so I suppose I should be nervous, but instead I'm totally stupified. But anyway... HEY! Did I pester you all to make sure you VOTE this year? Really? I did? Well here it is a again! Vote, or Leticia McKenzie will come to your house and kick your ass!

That's all for now. I need a shower... shower...
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