Saturday, September 04, 2004

The problem is, Kerry is stuck in the past. Yes, we've been hearing about the Swift Boat Veterans for Their Version of Events for what feels like years now, and the Democrats have yet to deploy the shock troops to the morning news shows and say, "Here is Kerry's record in Vietnam, here is Kerry's record as a senator, take a look at them and how they stack up against Bush's respective records." Yes, I know, we're the Democrats and we're the wishy-washy nice guys who don't mind lobbing a few balls in the Republicans' direction ("moderation in pursuit of further moderation is no vice!"), but at some point, we're going to have to learn the rules of the political game that the Republicans pretty much invented.
The problem with the Swift Boat Liars is that, even though they've been thoroughly discredited, the headlines of "Kerry's Vietnam record in question" make everybody think twice about whether or not Kerry really did save that guy (hey, is Jim Rassman dead?). We should not rest until every American knows that Kerry's Vietnam service record has been a matter of public record since the war, and that Bush spent Vietnam dodging the draft and snorting cocaine. (Of course, everyone was trying to get out of Vietnam, but it certainly doesn't help Bush's commander-in-chief credentials.)
But, more importantly, we need to take Bush down as the Super-Manly Candidate. John Kerry had the courage to serve in Vietnam and then the courage to protest the war when he returned. All Bush has is an empty flightsuit and a dental record. Bring it on, sucka. Bring it on.
People keep talking about Kerry being a waffle like it's a bad thing. I guess it is (I really don't know enough about what's going on - I try to avoid the news.) But as someone who has trouble making her mind up, I think it's better to flip-flop until you can be ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE than to pick something and stick with it.

Unless it's just that Kerry's running around and back-pedaling and being all, "Did I say that? I did? Well, *now* I mean this..."

Mmm... waffles. I'm'a go get some breakfast.
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