Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Skies of Arcadia is pure crack. You will play it day and night. You will consider the characters to be your actual friends. It will invade your thoughts and your dreams. You will not be able to escape onnce you have become a mere tentacle of the great Sega Overworks collossus known as Skies of Arcadia.

That, an it's a hell of a game. Some of the most charming character designs I've ever seen are in there, and the whole "air pirate" theme, while a bit of a stretch, is neat. How many times have you gotten to pilot a flying boat? Really.

You know, one of these days I would like to join up with a roving band of Amazons and roam the mountains foraging for food and man-flesh... but then I'd probably complain that my loincloth is all dirty and I'm hungry and don't get to play my videogames and then I'd give it up. It's funny; one of the general RPG rules is that technology is always evil, and that the coming of technology always spells doom for a society, and it is the heroes with their swords and boomerangs and slingshots that will win in the end. It's like, nations where families can afford to indulge themselves in videogames seem to do it in order to pretend they are poor. I wonder why that is...

Anyway, being a swashbuckling air pirate is a lot more interesting than being a middle-class automaton. Just once I'd like to see the rebellion put into our videogames find its way into mainstream politics. Come on! Rock the Vote, y'all! Put some of that energy into giving rich white guys the business.
Yeah it is a great game... One of the best things about it being your two FEMALE co-pirates, NEITHER of which you hook up with.
Actually all the women in the game are pretty much equal and have kick-ass personalities. I wish I was there actually...
(plus the girls and boys are all pretty cute)
"NEITHER of which you hook up with"

Please, please don't tell me about the story! All my friends know this; it's the Leticia Spoiler Rule never, ever to be broken.

But yes, I agree! 'Tis a very excellent game.
(oops, I posted that last one anonymously by accident.)
Sorry :$ Wish I could edit it out... I assumed you... You have dreamcast I thought you had enjoyed it already...
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