Sunday, September 05, 2004

To all who are familiar with the drug, Paxil (known as Seroxat in the UK), read this Guardian article immediately.


Paxil is a drug advertised to keep teenagers from getting overly anxious. I am something of a worrier, and so I was on Paxil for about four days before I demanded to my parents that we go against the doctors wishes and get me off the stuff before they increase my dosage. The reason? It placed a permanent buzzing in my head, keeping me from focusing in the slightest. The proof? When I went on Paxil, I got on the wrong bus, didn't notice until the line ended at the other end of town, then took the bus back and missed my stop. Other highlights include the lack of any internal monologue, and my anxiety being significantly suppressed at the expense of all other emotions. I was a complete blank.

(I also had a self-defense class when I was going off the pill--trying to learn to defend yourself against rapists is not something you want to do on a Paxil hangover.)

Anyway, turns out I was a best-case scenario.

A lawsuit has been filed against GlaxoSmithKline in the United States seeking refunds for children and adolescents given the antidepressant, Seroxat, following claims that the firm suppressed data showing the drug did not work and increased suicidal tendencies in young people.
The writ alleges GSK hid the results of two clinical trials that showed the drug was no more effective than a placebo in treating depression. In one case, it says, the placebo was more effective than Seroxat. Instead, the lawsuit states, the mixed results from a separate study were published in a scientific journal and used to promote the drug.
Additional information in the writ is an internal GSK memo, revealed this year, which said negative trial data should not be given to regulators and its dissemination should be managed "in order to minimise any potential negative commercial impact".

These people are scum.

For those of you in the UK: America is on something of a drug fad. If it comes from a plant, it's illegal and you'll go to jail for a good portion of your life. If it is made in a lab, it is the new wave. Drugs are used to treat ADHD, hyperactivity, anxiety, and everything else that teenagers have. (Children have lower attention spans and are liable to be disruptive? Golly gee!) To be fair, there are legitimate uses for such drugs, such as among the clinically depressed. But over here, they've been marketed as the one-size-fits-all solution to the awkward teenager: drown 'em in drugs. Drug-Free America, that's us!

As an awkward teenager, this gets me where it hurts. It isn't enough that my friends often want to kill themselves; they have pharmeceutical companies taking advantage of their parents' hysteria to sell them mind-altering synthetics that they know full well don't work. I've always maintained that corporations are not evil; they are simply out to make money, and they should always be expected to do whatever it takes to do so (which is why no law should ever work on an honor system). But this is so crass, so cynical, so brazenly cruel, I don't know if I'm ever going to look at a man in a business suit again without clobbering him.

In closing, whether or not you want to take drugs like Paxil is nobody's choice but your own; I'm positive there are success stories. But don't believe everything the comapanies say; remember, they're only in it for the money.

(And to my fellow bloggers: Please make sure this article rips through the blogosphere like wildfire. As a teenager, I have had many friends who are suicidal, and I don't want any of them to lose their lives to a drug.)
My God that is so awful!
Wow, i was on paxil (although its called Aropax here in New Zealand), for about 8 months. I was prescribed it to supposedly help with self esteem issues, confidence, and "depression" suffered by most 18 year olds i imagine.. I hated it from about the end of the first week, the numbness, and general dissasociative state was making me forget what it was like to be real, but it was on doctors orders so i continued with it for about 8 months... eventually i got sick of 'comfortably numb' feeling and i stopped taking it, and had 6-7 weeks of disorientation, vertigo, and constant motion sickness type symptoms. I couldnt walk down stairs without feeling like i was going to fall over or throw up, and even walking around normally was a challenge. It is the worst most evil drug ever to be on, and even worse, is when you are coming off it.
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