Sunday, September 05, 2004

Well, I'm angry.

Arnold Shwarzenegger, who, you may recall, got elected purely because he is a movie star (and everybody stood by... nobody bothered to say, "um, isn't this a guy a movie star?"), says that those who are worried about the economy should "stop being economic girly men."

(or, more accurately, "stooop beeeing economic guuuuuuuhhhrly mennnnn!!!", at which point, he fired his AK-47 and the corpses fell from the cieling to massive applause)

Elevating the tone. Right. I'm right back into the playgrounds of second grade, where "like a girl" is once again an insult, and acting masculine in the face of reality is virtuous.

I was planning on getting all feministically pissed off at him, but the sad truth is, I've gotten used to it. It would only be a matter of time before Republicans resorted to "like a girl" as their insult. Just grab your crotch and suck it down, sissy.

(By the way, when he said his first "girly men" remark--about "special interests," which is a very conveniently broad term you can apply to anybody who has interests that are special and are not you--all the nice liberal groups were up in arms about how he was insulting gay people; and he was, and deserves to be deep fried for it. But, and let me be clear... WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT SAY ABOUT WOMEN?! Good God, anybody questioning the economy is not only effeminate, it is FEMININE, and unbecoming of a politician, even Janet Reno. That makes me, and my girlhood, and my vagina, very angry.)

(This is Leticia, and her girlhood, and her vagina, very angry, signing off.)

(By the way, I finished Paul Krugman's new book, The Great Unraveling, and he makes quite a case for the radical right being a revolutionary power that considers the current governmental system to be obsolete and invalid and will stop at nothing to replace it with the neocon wet dream of complete corporate rule; but, I forgot, he's a limp-wristed pansy. Don't listen to him!)
Exactly. EXACTLY! I was waiting for someone else to pick up on how sexist that was.... He also said that the Democrats should have called the convention "True Lies" after one of his movies, which is weird and wrong on so many levels.

If I'm a militant feminist, at least I am not alone.
Yeah, I think they should call their convention... Kindergarten Cop!!

Not that it makes any sense or that I backed it up, but resorting to nonsensical insults seems to be the flavor of the week as far as politics goes. Remember, it's all about the delivery.

(By the way, if a Republican tells you that the Democrats/Michael Moore/Al Sharpton "lie," do me a favor and ask them to name the lie in specific. The Republican's head might explode, but it'll be funny.)

Speaking of being a militant feminist... you know, what strikes me as odd is how often it is referred to as a "fringe" movement, when all feminism really is is to say that women deserve the same opportunities in life as men, which I would estimate is a view shared by a good seventy percent of the population. People cringe and squeal--even women--when they are referred to as feminist or asked to be referred to as feminist, because they think of bra-burning and the smashing of Starbucks windows, which is an egregrious stereotype propagated by people in power, who, for some reason or another, don't think women should have the same opportunities in life as men. We need to get people to understand that all it takes to be a feminist is to respect women as basic human beings, like any nice person, and then we'll have feminist t-shirts popping up all over the place.

(Guys, if any of you put a feminist button on your backpack, I guarantee you a free kiss. Guarantee.)

So, don't worry, you ARE not alone. I think most guys LIKE it when us women don't wear bras and we fight the power. But that's another story...
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