Thursday, October 14, 2004

Listen, Dad, I know that you think blogs are cool and all, and I know that you started your own and I know that you like to update it often, but please, please, don't access Blogger before logging out of my profile.

You see, we have a trust in this family, that the fact that we never bother to log off the family computer is an implicit trust that we will not use this opportunity to look at other people's files. But I was stupid. I shouldn't have allowed Blogger to put a single cookie on this computer.

But what I can't stand is that you must now know the name Leticia McKenzie.

That's too much to bear.

This site is all I've had and now you've ruined it, and what hurts the most is that it's all my fault, and now I have no idea how to cover my tracks. Do I confront you about it? Do I assume you'll forget the name over time? Do I just let it pass and forget that you can now access all of my private thoughts over the past year of my maturation?

Please don't, Daddy. Please don't. We have an implicit trust in this family, and I urge you not to break it.
:-( much sympathy to you. I hope everything turns out ok with your Dad.
Aww... *hughug*

*has nothing useful to share*
Talk to him. Make it explicit.

But ask first if he'd seen your blog. :) He may have just shrugged and glanced and logged out and in to his own. There's a good chance the name "leticia" will have slipped away.

Regardless, say to him what you just wrote here. Say that this blog is important to you, that its anonymity is important to you. Ask him to respect that. Ask him specifically to not read it even if you accidentally forget to log out again. Look him in the eyes as you ask and as he promises. Let him see your strength of feeling.
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