Friday, November 05, 2004

I'm saved!
Ohh... You'll get a beautiful bi-lingual French Canadian, who 'le's and 'la's you to sleep... Only stopping to recite French poetry or bake...

Every morning he'll be bringing you pain au chocolat and chocolat chaud... Go for it!
Marry MEEE! You can stay in my room and I have a really big bed and I can throw some stuffed animals off to make room for you and even though sales tax is 14% *I* don't mind and I don't think you will either... As an added bonus (to being canadian) you can even join in on the making-fun-of-toronto and we'll fry you up some seal fat or drive up the mountain and build igloos or, for some real authentic canadiana, we can just kick back and watch american tv.
Move to New Zealand.
The Winters are pretty mild, the summers are beautiful, the towns are real towns, and the cities, are in the North Island (where they belong). The women are clever and pretty and the men, are real men (and not even hobbits). The biscuits are tasty, 'anzac biscuits' are the best, and now come in a chocolate covered variety ooh. The landscape is varied and beautiful. Yes come here. :) Escape the craziness and come to NZ We have skiing and adventure, 90% of the population lives within 45minutes drive to the sea, and there are universities and colleges where we all love to learn stuff. Our healthcare isnt too bad, in fact in general, things just arent too shabby at all.
Come Back Leticia, we miss you!
:'( It's been a month without Leticia. My life feels incomplete - come back!! Or at least tell us that you won't be posting any more? The suspense is killing me.
Hi honey,

Miss you loads. Hope everything's ok with you?

She's run off to Acapulco with HIV Testing Guy. They're expecting twins.

Go 'Ticia!
may be of interest?
http://www.principlesproject.com/" Spearheaded by 2020 Democrats in partnership with a host of activists, intellectuals, elected officials, and other Progressive groups as well as the support of Democratic Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, the Principles Project creates a space where progressives can engage in an online discussion to help generate a one-page statement of principles that will make clear our vision of a just society and a Progressive politics. (If you would like to learn more about the discussion format, click here.)

For this effort to be successful, we need your help. Join us in this process. Read and comment on our current draft. Invite your friends to join us in this discussion. Together, our success has a remarkable benefit. If a million individuals write a million different Principles statements, you have a million statements. But if a million people write a single principles statement, you have the makings of a movement. Let's get started."

take care, leticia
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